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DVSC Rules & Regulations


Section 1- Fees

  1. Skate Canada Membership fees are determined by the DVSC Executive, they are based on the mandatory fee set forth by Skate Canada and must be paid prior to or on the due date, and before skaters are allowed to enter the ice surface or participate in skating related activities. These fees cover the registration and insurance of the skater/member and they run from September 1 to August 31 of the following year.
  2. NSF cheques or e-transfer payments that are not received prior to the payment due date:
    • Will result in a $25.00 fee to cover administrative expenses. These fees will be posted on the members account, and all balances on account must be paid prior to the skater entering the ice surface or participating in any skating activities.
    • If the club receives 3 NSF cheques or late payments from any one family, they will be required to pay all fees in cash, e-transfer or money order prior to participating in any skating activities.
  3. Skater(s) that have any outstanding fees owing will not be allowed to participate in Skate Canada Assessment/Test days, and may result in their Skate Canada Membership being suspended. These fee(s) and or deposit checks include but are not limited to:
    1. Skate Canada Membership fees
    2. Ice Fees
    3. Assessment Fees
    4. Volunteer Deposit Checks or Payment
    5. Fundraising Deposits or Payment
    6. Coaching Fees
    7. Stroking Fees
    8. Dance Partner Fees
  4. Coaches have the right to suspended lessons if the coaching fees are not paid.
  5. Volunteer deposits during seasons in which the club will be hosting a competition will be cashed if both a competition volunteer position and another volunteer position(s) are not completed. During years in which the club is hosting a competition it is mandatory to complete a position at both the competition as well as a regular season volunteer position.
  6. Assessment Fees are determined by the DVSC Executive to cover the following expenses:
    1. Skate Canada Assessment Fee
    2. Dance Partner Fees (per Dance if Required)
    3. Evaluator’s Food and honorariums
    4. Ice Fees
  7. Fees for private and group lessons will be invoiced directly by the Coaches. All fees are to be paid directly to the Coach within 30 days of the invoice being issued.
    1. Notice that a skater is going to be missing or absent from a scheduled lesson must be given to the Coach or the skater will be billed for the lesson missed.
  8. Assessment/Test which include but are not limited to the cost in which to cover ice, Skate Canada assessment fees, judges’ fees & kilometers can vary dependant on the test taken and will be required to be paid immediately once the invoice is issued. These fees are non refundable and the club will not be responsible for covering the difference. Assessment fees should be paid promptly after invoice(s) have been sent out; all payments must be received by 4pm the day prior to the test or assessment day.
  9. Competition fees for the cost of the coach(es) hotel rooms, mileage, and coaching during competition will be covered by the skaters who are participating in the competition and bill be invoiced as such.


Section 2- Registration

  1. Winter/Spring and Summer Sessions
    1. Skate Canada Membership Fees must be paid in full at least one week prior to the first day of skating.
    2. Ice Fees must be paid in full a minimum of one week prior to the first day of skating. If paying in installments then the first payment must be received one week prior to the first day of skating.
    3. Volunteer checks/deposits must be received prior to the skater entering the ice surface, the amount of this check is determined by the DVSC Executive Board.
    4. Fundraising checks/deposits must be received prior to the skater entering the ice surface, the amount of this check is determined by the DVSC Executive Board.
    5. If all fees are not paid by the date indicated then the skater will not be permitted on the ice.
  2. Skater who register late for the Winter, Spring or Summer session (considered to be one week prior to the first day of skating), except those that are new residents to Drayton Valley or new registrants, will incur a $25.00 late penalty.
    1. Prorated registration fees (including mandatory Skate Canada Fee and Ice fees) will not be considered.
  3. Punch Card are to only be issued to a skater that are registered with Skate Canada through another club, they will be exempt from both volunteering and fundraising requirements. These punch passes are for 10 ice sessions and are $150.00. They may not be used in Spring or Summer Session.
  4. Drop-in Rates are available to skaters that are registered at another club with Skate Canada at a rate of $25.00 per day.
  5. There is a 5% discount to families that have three or more skaters registered with the DVSC for regular season.
  6. Participating in the Program Assistant (PA) program for Canskate is mandatory for all skaters age 10 and up and if they meet the skating requirements set forth by the Head Canskate Coach. Skaters are required to cover a minimum of 8 sessions per skating season. Individuals that refuse to participate in the mandatory PA requirements will not be permitted to participate in any club related activities including but not limited to test/assessment days, Ice Carnival, and competitions. Individuals will be charged $100.00 per occurrence if a scheduled PA day is missed for non-permittable reasons (as determined by the board), all charges must be paid prior to the skater being allowed to participate in club activities. If a skater is going to miss a shift they must notify the Head Canskate Coach and attempt to find a replacement of equal level (JR or SR).
  7. Discipline skaters - mandatory fundraising require, no volunteering except  for competitions(Will only be permitted to skate 3 days a week):
    1. Must be 16 years of age or older.
    2. Must have passed Sr. Bronze Dance and Skills, and Preliminary Free Skate.
    3. Can only be working on 1 or 2 disciplines. (Free Skate, Dance, Interpretive, Skills)
    4. Individuals that do not meet the above conditions may apply to the board to be considered a disciplined skater.

                 Obligations of a Disciplined Skater:

  1. Must pay Partnering fees if their discipline is dance.
  2. Will be required to pay all applicable assessment fees as determined by the DVSC Executive.
  3. Are not required to compete a volunteer position other than at competition at some point through out the season. (note: volunteering at competition is mandatory)


Section 3- Withdrawals

  1. Withdraw from a program will not automatically result in a refund of fees paid.
  2. Withdrawal and refund requests must be made in writing to the registrar.
  3. Withdrawal deadline for Star Skate Winter Programs is September 30. If notice of a skater(s) withdraw is received by the registrar prior to the withdrawal date then a refund of 60% of the total ice fees minus the mandatory Skate Canada fee will be received. Fundraising and Volunteer Checks will be refunded on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Withdrawal deadline for Canskate/PreCanskate Winter Program is October 31. If notice of a skater(s) withdraw is received by the registrar prior to the withdrawal date then a refund of 60% of the total ice fees minus the mandatory Skate Canada fee will be received. Fundraising and Volunteer Checks will be refunded on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Withdrawals after the deadline may ONLY be refunded if:
    1. The family moves from Drayton Valley (all fees must be paid in full at the beginning of the year), or
    2. There is a medical reason substantiated with a Doctors note that the skater would not be able to participate for four weeks or more. Any medical reason, regardless of where is has occurred, will be accepted when accompanied by a Doctors note.
  6. Refunds or Credits for Spring or Summer Session withdrawal will not be given after the Sunday prior to the session beginning, minus the Skate Canada Fee.
  7. Credits on file will only be held for a maximum of 3 years following the conclusion of the winter session.


Section 4- Ice Etiquette

To avoid collisions and near misses, safety is of the utmost importance. Skaters need to ensure that they are all respectful and mindful of all other participants on the ice. All skaters have the right to use the whole ice surface. Every skater needs to be courteous of others on the ice.

  1. Right of ways on the ice are given as follows:
  2. Lessons with a Coach, and
  3. Soloist with music playing
  4. To promote safety on the ice all skaters should:
  5. Skate with their heads up.
  6. If you fall get up quickly.
  7. No standing around.
  8. Wear proper skating attire. (no hoodies, no jeans)
  9. All long hair must be tied back.
  10. Skate guards need to be worn when not on the ice.
  11. Care must be given to the arena to prevent damage and all arena rules must be followed.
  12. Profanity or undesirable language, rough housing/play will not be permitted in the dressing rooms or on the arena property.
  13. Food, gum and candy are not permitted on the ice.

Unsportsmanlike behavior or conduct, or the breaking of any club rules may result in the suspension or cancellation of membership at the discretion of the DVSC Executive.


Section 5- Professional Coaches

Professional Coach or Coach refers to an accredited Skating Coach or Instructor. The DVSC follows the Skate Canada Code of Ethics.

  1. All coaches must enter into an annual contract/agreement with the DVSC. This contract will outline the role, and expectation of the coach along with the expectations of lesson fees (both private and group), competition rates, and special event rates.
  2. Coaches may not give lessons on club ice without a current signed contract.
  3. All coaches will be responsible to the DVSC Executive in accordance with the contract/agreement.
  4. The terms of private lessons must be made in accordance with the signed contract and arrangement of private lessons can be made with any coach permitted to instruct that level.
  5. PA or Program Assistants are under the direct supervision of a Coach.


Section 6- Executive Members

Executive Members are volunteers that are elected to their position at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), and will hold that position for a minimum of one year. They will start their position in the month after the AGM.

  1. As long as an executive member is able to meet the requirements of their position, they do not need to have a skater registered with the club.
  2. All executive members should be able to meet monthly for the Executive meeting.
  3. If a member is unable to make a meeting then they should inform the President prior to the meeting.
  4. All matters discussed at the meeting or incurred while completing a role with the Executive are to be treated as confidential.
  5. Any and all concerns or questions regarding the operation of the club, including infraction of the By-law and/or Rules and Regulations of the DVSC, are to be directed to the Club President, or Vie President, not the Coach(es).
  6. Former Executive Member should make themselves readily available to newly elected Executive Board Member for assistance and training purposes, in the year following their term.


Section 7- Discipline

  1. First warning will be verbal and between the Coach and the skater.
  2. Second warnings will be verbal and include the Coach, President, skater and their parent or guardian.
  3. Third warnings will be written and presented to the skater’s parent or guardian by the Coach or President.
  4. Final warnings (fourth warnings) will result in the issue being brought before the Executive Board, and a decision will be made with regards to skater’s future. This decision will be communicated in writing to the parent or guardian.
  5. Abuse of Coaches, Executive Board Members, Program Assistants, or other club members will result in the possible dismissal from the club as per a vote taken by the Executive Board.
  6. Any grievances with regards to any issues related to the club are required to be brought to the executive board and given a 24-hour response time to be reviewed and responded to prior to the complainant bring any issues to Skate Canada or any outside party.