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Program Assistants


In addition to coaches, there are Program Assistants, also known as PA's. Program Assistants are mandatory participants from the STARSkate program who are 10 years old and up. These individuals are all graduates of the CANSkate program and have been trained by the Drayton Valley Skating Club's CANSkate Administrator to assist in the delivery of the CANSkate program throughout the skating season.


The Role of The Program Assistant

Program Assistants are vital to the successful delivery of the Pre-CanSkate and CanSkate program. To ensure that all individuals have equal opportunity to participate, the PA role is mandatory for all participants, who are 10 years old and up. Additional information regarding the Program Assistant role and mandatory participation can be found under our Club Rules and Regulations, Section 2, Registration.

  • Assist or lead warm–ups, group activities or cool–downs
  • Assist with the set–up of circuits and stations
  • Take attendance
  • Demonstrate skills and teaching progressions
  • Lead circuits and rotations
  • Provide assistance to skaters who may have additional needs
  • Distribute awards (stickers, badges, coloring sheets, etc) when needed
  • Provide encouragement and general feedback to skaters
  • Provide general assistance to the coaches during the sessions
  • Be a role model for young skaters




Program Assistant Schedule and Changes

New to the PA program? Sign up for our WhatsApp PA group to connect with fellow PA's for schedule swaps.  

  • PA's are required to cover 8 PA sessions per skating season.
  • Monthly PA schedule will be sent in advance. 
  • We ask that all participants who are unable to attend their scheduled PA shift, to reschedule or trade their PA shift with another skater and inform the CANSkate coaches.